SU Global Summit #gsummit – Diamandis talks to Steve Jurvetson

Steve Jurvetson is deeply interested and excited by deep learning

It is the future of all engineering

Apply anywhere you have a lot of data and make sense of it

It is the biggest advance in engineering since the scientific method

Deep learning can be used update and optimize deep learning

Spacex and Falcon Heavy

Talk about the returning the rocket stages

The big thing is the heavy use of simulation to get a lot of things to work first time

Spacex has a lot of modularity.

For the 9 rockets on the Falcon 9, two can fail and the mission can still succeed

Methane is used for the the Raptor engine
Natural gas is the cheapest right now on earth
It will good for Earth and Mars

Next year land a one way Red Dragon trip

2024 launch and 2025 land on Mars

2.9 cents per kwh for solar for some sunny countries

Nuclear regulatory problems is why they will hold back on investing in nuclear but Steve thinks we (the world- civilization) needs new nuclear

Machine learning, autonomy and robotics

Biggest customer for Rethink robotics is China.
China has 100% employee turnover.

Spacex rockets will all be robots
Planes will be robots
Planes are flown by computer now except for taxiing on the runway

All vehicles will be electric
all power will be solar
all vehicles will be autonomous

Every new product that surprises you will have deep learning in it

Dwave’s Geordie Rose has a new Quantum AI company Kindred

Steve Jurvetson is a partner at the venture capital firm DFJ. His current board responsibilities include Planet Labs, SpaceX, Synthetic Genomics, and Tesla Motors (TSLA). He was the founding VC investor in Hotmail, Interwoven (IWOV), Kana (KANA), and NeoPhotonics (NPTN). He also led DFJ’s investments in other companies that were acquired for $12 billion in aggregate. Previously, Steve was an R&D Engineer at Hewlett-Packard, where seven of his communications chip designs were fabricated. He also worked in product marketing at Apple and NeXT Software and management consulting with Bain & Company. At Stanford University, he finished his BSEE in 2.5 years and graduated #1 in his class, as the Henry Ford Scholar. Steve also holds an MS in electrical engineering and MBA from Stanford. Steve was chosen by Deloitte as “Venture Capitalist of the Year”, by Forbes as one of “Tech’s Best Venture Investors”, by the VC Journal as one of the “Ten Most Influential VCs”, by Fortune as part of their “Brain Trust of Top Ten Minds” and “The Valley’s Sharpest VC” on the cover of Business 2.0