Technology is the force that turns scarcity into Abundance

Keynote speech by Peter Diamandis.

The news only focuses on the negative.

Technology is the force that turns scarcity into Abundance

Peter is advising a company called the Diamond Foundry which takes water and carbon feedstock into diamond.

He notes that we are on track to eliminating extreme poverty in the nearterm. (Economist and many others)

Population growth goes down with increased education and improved healthcare.

Global terrorism overall is down by a factor of three.

Shows charts of worldwide life expectancy.

1820   26 years
1900   31 years
1950   49 years
2010   67 years

Annual hours worked per person are down,

Automobile and airlines fatality rates are down based on deaths per 100 million person miles traveled.

Age adjusted maternal mortality rates.

Impact of exponential technologies

Cost to launch an internet tech startup

2000  $5 million
2005  $500K
2009  %50k
2011  $5K

Faster cheaper computing power >> Networks, sensors, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, virtual reality >>

Who can change the world

1000 years ago    Kings and queens with armies or large scale patronage
100 years ago     the rockefellers
today             all of us if we really want it

Awarded and active $116 million in prizes
$100 million xprizes in development

More people solving problems gives Diamandis the greatest hope

2010 23% of the world population on internet
2020 the low estimate is 5 billion people (66% of the population) connected to the internet of the 7.5-8 billion

Facebook internet drones
Google drones, balloons and wifi everywhere
Elon’s 4000 satellite internet network

2020(alt) 100% internet connected

Next ten years – quantum computing, AI and other tech will unleash innovation and creativity

You will be able to know what you want to know, but it will be the quality of the questions that are asked that will matter