Dwave Systems offers a course on programming the Dwave 2X Quantum Computer

Dwave Systems is offering a course -Programming the D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer in Finland

The D-Wave 2X quantum computer uses an adiabatic architecture with niobium flux qubits integrated on silicon wafers. The programming model is error tolerant and allows for native expression of optimization problems stated over boolean variables. This underlying capability allows for the execution of a wide class of optimization problems on the system. The challenge in using this system is to find efficient mappings from the application domain.

This training course has been custom designed for CSC to address the fundamentals and programming of the D-Wave 2X. A combination of lectures and hands-on practical labs will guide the students through the quantum phenomena harnessed in quantum computers, to examples in constructing their own quantum algorithm. It concludes with a hands-on laboratory in which students will formulate and execute programs on a live quantum computer in Canada. By the end of the course, participants will understand the programming model of the D-Wave quantum computer and what makes it so powerful for a diverse range of optimization problems.

It is recommended that attendees have or are working toward a degree in computer science, math, and/or physics, or otherwise have sufficient familiarity with algorithms and data structures.

The workshop will feature also a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session organized by CSC and Aalto University on quantum computing research activities in Finland and elsewhere and the future expectations. Snacks and drinks will be served. Feel free to prepare a short (10-15 min) talk about your research activities (not obligatory, of course).

CSC organizes the workshop in collaboration with the Centre for Quantum Engineering at Aalto University.

Lecturers – Edward Dahl and Sheir Yarkoni from D-Wave Systems Inc
990 EUR euros + VAT (24%) for Finnish universities, polytechnics and governmental research institutes
990 EUR euros + VAT (24%) for others
The fee covers all materials, lunches and refreshments.
Date: Oct 12-13, 2016
Register by Oct 5, 2016, the 24 seats on the course are filled in the registration order (first come, first served).

Dwave Systems is getting in front of the challenges of developing quantum computer programming skills by hosting quantum computing programming courses designed to onboard new developers. Determining the right background for participants is as nebulous as the future of the quantum computing ecosystem.

D-Wave has shipped quantum annealing machines with 1,000 to 2000 quantum bits, or qubits. Google and Lockheed and other companies are buying.

For quantum computer programming, a background in programming classical computers is less valuable than being able to think in terms of optimization problems versus standard algorithms or programs.

An understanding of quantum physics is helpful, and having the mindset to map complex optimization problems into quantum annealing systems. The challenge is to put those together, says Dr. Pekka Manninen, a senior application scientist at the IT Center for Science at the University of Helsinki.

The real focus of the course is not just on understanding how quantum annealing supercomputer works on the ground, but how to turn existing problems into optimizations problems.

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