India and USA push ahead with plans to make six AP1000 nuclear reactors

Plans to construct six Westinghouse AP1000s in India have been bolstered by a joint statement issued after a bilateral strategic dialogue yesterday between the USA and India. The two sides also pledged to work towards India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

The AP1000 is a pressurized water reactor with two cooling loops, planned to produce a net power output of 1,117 MWe. Six of them would be 6702 MWe (6.7 GWe)

100 GWe of nuclear power generates about 800 TWh each year in the USA.
53.6 TWh could be generated if the new nuclear reactors had the same operating level as US nuclear reactors

A site at Kovvada, in Andra Pradesh, had previously been earmarked for the development of six GE Hitachi ESBWR units. This was changed to Westinghouse AP1000s earlier this year.

China is nearing completion of an AP1000

SOURCES- world nuclear news