Nintendo Is Bringing Super Mario Run to Apple iPhone and iPad in time for Christmas

A new Mario game will be available on the Apple app store in time for the holiday season.

One of the most popular video game characters of all time is finally coming to Apple devices.

Mario, the plump plumber who is the familiar face of several of Nintendo’s most successful video games, will be getting his own mobile game on Apple’s app store sometime before holiday season, Nintendo announced at an Apple event on Wednesday in San Francisco.

The new Nintendo game, Super Mario Run, will be available for a set price instead of a so-called freemium model. In a freemium model, users can download games for free but must pay money for additional features.

Users can make Mario jump and collect coins, play against other users on a global network, and build and customize their own so-called “mushroom kingdom” using the coins they collect from their matches.

SOURCES – Fortune, Nintendo, Youtube, Apple