Road to Skynet update – DARPA will use internet of things and AI to dominate cyberwar and regular war

The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency will fund the development of sensors and artificial intelligence systems that could help break into, extract, and analyze information from enemy devices and communication systems.

The components and systems will arm the U.S. with more data to analyze enemy moves and strategy. Information is king in wars, and DARPA wants to develop technology that can break into enemy systems.

“They are talking about going into any situation and extracting information at any time, [with] artificial intelligence systems that can attack and hack any network,” said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

DARPA wants to fund the development of sensors and electromagnetic systems that could break into point-to-point wired and wireless communications, even ones that are not linked to the internet. DARPA is making progress to jam resistant communication

DARPA wants intelligent systems that can process and extract only relevant data. The sensors will need edge processing capabilities where they can analyze data immediately and trash irrelevant information. These sensors and systems won’t be able to cross-reference larger data repositories on the cloud.

DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office has identified three thrust areas of particular interest for the Sept 20, 2016 Proposers Day event:
1) controlling and exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum with unprecedented versatility and finesse,
2) creating new generations of sensors that could keep warfighters informed as they never have been before, and
3) providing safe, secure, and assured access to an increasingly globalized microelectronics supply chain.