Singularity University going global with about 50 international chapters #gsummit

Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business incubator. It was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil at the NASA Menlo Park in California. The focus is on exponential technology and creating companies that positively impact a billion people.

Singularity University is going global by opening up international chapters headed up by alumni of the Singularity education and entrepreneurship programs.

Singularity University will be supporting and guiding the efforts in each chapter.

SingularityU Community Chapters are a first step towards supporting SingularityU innovation ecosystems. They build community. With a strong community foundation, there are opportunities to do much more to support innovation in the region. Chapters facilitate networking through local and regional events, host competitions, welcome new alumni, and enable meaningful connections and activities. Each Chapter is created by alumni volunteers. A list of current SingularityU Chapters can be found here. In 2016, local chapters are organizing themselves within the new framework of SingularityU Global. Many are launching this year, hosting Global Impact Challenges, Salons and other events.

Why is Singularity University expanding globally ?
Real change happens on a local level. Singularity University believes in the power of our alumni community to change the world.

SingularityU Global was created to support its alumni community in carrying out the Singularity University mission by creating a country-wide strategy to deliver local products, programs, innovation hubs, campuses and accelerators. We are trusting our alumni to leverage, build and grow the SingularityU Global brand so that together we can find solutions and solve the world’s global grand challenge.

About 50 global chapters

Their global strategy is drive by their passionate network of alumni around the globe. Following is a list of the key leadership roles in country:

Chapters and Salons (Driven by volunteers alumni community in each city)

SingularityU (City) Ambassador (head of chapter)
SingularityU (City) Salon Organizer / Curator (part of chapter leadership team
Global Impact Challenges (Driven by either our alumni volunteers or business partners in country)

SingularityU (Country) GIC Organizer
Summits and Exponential Regional Partnership – ERP (Driven by our business partners in country)

SingularityU (Country) Director / SingularityU (Country) Summit Organizer (our SU business partner in region, heading local SingularityU Summit and all other business related activities)