A Century of US wars and military actions

A Century of War and Gray Zone Challenges” has a September 2015 briefing slide produced by the Intelligence Directorate of U.S. Special Operations Command. The slide analyzes US military actions and wars and rates them as wins, losses or draws.

SOCOM Intelligence Directorate’s assessment of the last century of American war — 12 and nine with a mind-boggling 43 “ties.”

The command counts just five full-fledged wars in which the United States has come up with three wins (World War I, World War II, and Desert Storm), one loss (Vietnam) and one tie (Korea).

The rankings and categorizations can be disputed.

Desert Storm is a war but not Iraq (2003-2011) or Afghanistan (2003-2014)

Were these operations targeting enemies which actually posed a threat to the U.S. constitution? Did ceaseless operations across the globe actually ensure the safety and security of the United States? Did they truly advance U.S. policy interests and if so, how?

The US has been fighting on a constant basis since 1980.

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