F-35 is off track on units shipped until end of 2017 with repair and supply chain quality issues

Shipments of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft slipped during the third quarter and the firm will miss 2016 targets

F35 shipments slipped to 10 units during the third quarter, down from 12 in the third quarter last year. A company official cited lower-tier supplier-issues for the shortfall, notably “out-of-spec” deliveries of (coolant) insulation tubes, which affected several aircraft.

The problem is serious enough that Lockheed Martin must repair existing aircraft in the field, and the slowdown will cause it to miss its 53-unit 2016 delivery target. Lockheed Martin is not expected to be back on schedule with F-35 shipments until the end of 2017

F-35 already had over 51% cost overruns.

F-35 acquisition costs will be over $400 billion

Operating costs for the 60 years planned usage of the F-35 is $1.12 trillion.