Photos of China J-20 stealth fighter with camouflage paint as they move toward 2019 combat readiness and the start of full production

The Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAC) is involved in preparation for some kind of aerial display involving the low-rate initial production (LRIP) J-20A. This included what was essentially a semiofficial ‘presentation’ of the J-20A with a flurry of news reports and images issued between September 30 and October 1. Four pre-production aircraft — two of them apparently in the new ‘tactical’ light gray with low-visibility markings as well as two more in yellow primer — performed a display over the factory at Chengdu on that occasion.

Seven pre-production aircraft have already been built and the first two examples have reportedly been delivered to a flight test center at either Cangzhou, or more likely, Dingxin air base.

The first front-line regiment is supposed to activate and receive aircraft by June 2017 and the J-20 is expected to be combat ready by 2018 or 2019. That milestone could be pushed forward, given the budget priority. The final requirement could be between 500 to 700.

SOURCES- Combat Aircraft, Defense Update