Russia claims progress on new Pak DA strategic bomber which will have hypersonic missile weapons

The Tupolev PAK DA (or PAK-DA) is a proposed Russian next-generation strategic bomber and it is expected to have a 30-ton weapons payload, range of 6,740 nautical miles, first flight in 2021 and deliveries in 2023.

Some of the technology and components from the PAK DA will be derived from existing aircraft. The current engine is a non-afterburning variant of the NK-32 used on the Tu-160, certain avionics such as the radar will be based on those developed for the PAK FA project

Russia claims to have made substantial progress on the project and is believed to have started construction of a prototype.

General Anatoly Zhikharev has said that an unmanned strategic bomber may follow the PAK DA after 2040.

On 30 August 2013, a Russian Defense Ministry source revealed that the PAK DA will be equipped with advanced types of precision guided weapons, including hypersonic weapons. The bomber itself will fly at subsonic speeds. A Russian hypersonic missile is in development, but is currently only able to fly for a few seconds.