US General see future battlefield like Terminator Judgement Day where all units use extreme guerilla war tactics and high technology

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley says in the future battlefield, if you stay in one place longer than two or three hours, you will be dead.

* units will be in constant motion
* There will no clear front line, no secure supply lines, no big bases
* enemy drones and sensors constantly on the hunt for targets (like Terminator Hunter Killers)
* Army destroying enemy sensors, air defenses, and land-based anti-ship missiles to open paths for the rest of the joint force.

Soldiers will fight with everything from rifles and tanks to electronic jammers, computer viruses, and long-range missiles striking targets on the land, in the air, and even at sea

Russia, China and other countries are catching up to the US with long-range precision-guided missiles, linked by wireless networks to long-range sensors — such as drones and satellites — that provide targeting data. Backed by more conventional weapons such as mines, warships, jets, and tanks, these threats create an Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) zone that US forces enter at high risk. The Army’s new Multi-Domain Battle concept, calls for prying open A2/AD networks with simultaneous, coordinated attacks against every possible weak point in all domains — land, sea, air, space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

To avoid being detected and targeted by precision weapons, soldiers — and Marines and even ships — must split into small units and keep either on the move or under cover. Static bases will be sitting ducks, and supply convoys will be so dangerous that they might be entirely automated, so units will be largely on their own, purifying their own water and 3D-printing spare parts for broken gear.