Billionaire Broad Group CEO still adamant that 838 meter tall Skycity skyscraper will be built

Broad Group CEO Zhang still is still adamant that the 838 meter tall Skycity will be built.

“Construction is one of the most polluting of all industries but I can make the most environmentally sound buildings for half the price and 10 times the speed of anyone else,” Mr Zhang says.

He believes his company, Broad Group, which he founded in the late 1980s making boilers and air-conditioning units, and where he remains chairman and CEO, will eventually control 30 per cent of the global construction industry with its revolutionary but largely unproven technology.

Up until 2015, a total investment of more than 666 million USD has been invested for research and development, and more than 30 pilot and commercial projects have been completed

As factory-made technology is used, the efficiency of production, installation, logistics has become 6-10 times higher and material waste is next to zero, the total cost is 20-40% lower than that of conventional buildings.

The 57 story miniskycity was supposed to be 97 stories tall but had to have reduced height because of limitations near the airport.

Environment Value

BSB’s (Broad Sustainable Building) core value sticks to “7 sustainable principles”:
(1) 90% factory-made (construction waste less than 1%)
(2) 5 times more energy efficient
(3) PM2.5 filtration by 99%
(4) Withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake
(5) land saving (a focus only on high-rises)
(6) material saving ( all steel structure, recyclable)
(7) durable (e.g. stainless steel pipes for water supply, air-conditioning and fire protection).