China has high speed rail and other development deals in Serbia, Hungary and Malaysia

1. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang just concluded a trip to Latvia, where the 16+1 bloc signed a deal for a high speed railway line between Belgrade and Budapest. One of China’s largest transport firms will be involved.

The current line has an end to end journey time of some 8 hours. The vision is for a passenger and freight route that could cut that to just two and a half hours.

On top of that is a $233.6 million agreement that will see a Chinese firm involved in redeveloping this highway between Serbia and Montengero

2. China and Malaysia on Tuesday signed agreements on railways, energy, defense, and joint development of Malaysia’s naval ships, during Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s visit to Beijing.

The deals were signed after talks between Premier Li Keqiang and Najib. They covered areas ranging from infrastructure, agriculture, education, tax, quality inspection to customs and defense.

China will link the Belt and Road Initiative with Malaysia’s development strategies and build pilot programs for industrial cooperation, Li said.

“China and Malaysia can enhance cooperation in railways, including high-speed rail to strengthen regional connectivity,” Li said.

He also called for further cooperation in finance, law enforcement, security and culture, particularly the operating of Xiamen University Malaysian campus.

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