Pretty much all user data at Yahoo was hacked

Yahoo on Wednesday disclosed a breach that took place in August of 2013 which may have resulted in data associated with more than one billion user accounts being stolen.

This new, 1-billion-account breach is separate from a 500-million-account breach the company disclosed in September.

At the time, the 500-million-account breach was the largest on record.

Nextbigfuture thinks if you ever had any user data at Yahoo then you can assume it has been in the hands of hackers since 2013.

Yahoo disclosed in November that a law enforcement officials had given it data files showing what appeared to be evidence that an unknown third party had access to Yahoo user data.

Yahoo brought in outside forensic experts and confirmed that the data was in fact from Yahoo users

Yahoo owns 384 million shares of Alibaba (15.4% of the company), valued at $35 billion and 35.5% equity interest in Yahoo Japan, worth about $8.5 billion. Yahoo’s total market cap is less than the $39.2 billion, and after accounting for the cash on the company’s balance sheet, this means Yahoo’s core business is valued at less than $0

Alibaba is currently worth $91.19