AlphaGo won 60 out of 61 games against Go Masters online and tied a game because of internet connection timeout

DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis revealed in a tweet that the online game account Master was in fact a new version of AlphaGo.

“We’ve been working hard at improving AlphaGo, and over the past few days we’ve played some unofficial online games,” Hassabis said, adding that DeepMind is “excited by the results.”

Master beat the world number one player Ke Jie twice, and won 60 out of 61 games that it played, drawing the one it didn’t win outright due to an internet connection time out.

Since Dec. 29, Master has defeated a long list of top Go players including Korea’s Park Jung-hwan (world No. 3), Japan’s Iyama Yuta (No. 5) and Ke in fast-paced games. He won 51 games straight before his 52nd rival, Chen Yaoye, went offline, forcing the game to be recorded as a tie. By Jan. 4 when the test was completed, Master had racked up 60 wins, plus the one tie, and zero loss

Now that our unofficial testing is complete, Deepmind is looking forward to playing some official, full-length games later this year in collaboration with Go organisations and expert