Russia developing hypersonic weapons expects breakthroughs in combat laser and electromagneticweapons

Russia is developing hypersonic weapons by using new materials, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Thursday.

“Coming next are hypersonic weapons, which require the use of principally new materials and control systems that operate in a completely different medium, in plasma,” the deputy defense minister said.

Today the Army is at the stage of a new scientific and technical revolution and principally new armament systems based on physical principles never used before in this field are coming to replace existing systems, the deputy defense minister said.

Russia expects a serious breakthrough in the field of laser and electromagnetic weapons.

The United States is currently leading in race to develop combat lasers and electromagnetic railguns.

The USA had a lead in developing hypersonic missiles but Russia and China may be closer to deploying weapons.

“Interaction between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Defense Ministry has specific goals, first of all, in developing the scientific and technical potential. We expect an especially serious breakthrough in the field of laser issues, electromagnetic weapons and so on,” the deputy defense minister told journalists in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Efforts should be sharply intensified to replenish the fundamental basis, which military science can use to create principally new examples of armaments, the deputy defense minister said.

“We [the Defense Ministry and the Russian Academy of Sciences] have mapped out a plan of action On the one hand, our officers are learning in the direct meaning of this word -. Special courses are being organized for them On the other hand. , we have kindled academic institutes with our ideas to some extent and they are beginning to think about new approaches to modelling serious operations, “the deputy defense minister said.