Russia will make 400 T90M tanks with Armata upgrades like an autoloaded 125 mm gun

Russia is making an improved T90M variant of the T90 tank which will feature many of the technologies developed for Russia’s revolutionary T-14 Armata. The T-90M will be remanufactured from Russia’s existing fleet of T-90As — will be far less costly than the fearsome, but expensive, Armata.

This approach will not only improve the reliability and firepower of the tank, but also significantly increase the demand for such a machine on the world market.

Four hundred T-90As, which are in service with the Russian Federation Armed Forces would fall under such a modernization plan.

The tank will receive an upgraded 125-millimeter smoothbore gun called the 2A82–1M — the same as that on the Armata — and a new fire control system, which is characterized by high levels of accuracy, rate of fire and has an increased barrel life — about 900 shots.

The T-90M will also incorporate advanced defensive systems such are slat armor, active protection systems and new reactive armor. The T-90M is likely to directly incorporate a version of the Armata’s Afghanit active protection system as well as the Malachite reactive armor package.


Larger Armata on the left, T90S on the right

SOURCE- National Interest