Mostly not high quality hospitals but more exercise, less stress, less obesity and less smoking for longer life for wealthy

If you have to depend upon heroic healthcare to extend your life you are in trouble and it will not help most people.

Yes, Wealth buys higher-quality medical care, which allows [some] people to live into old age.

The affluent seem to live in healthier ways. They exercise more, smoke less, feel less stress and are less likely to be obese.

It’s not even certain that the cause and effect flows from higher income to greater health; to some degree, it may go the other direction as well, because people who are healthy are better able to hold down a demanding job, and so have higher incomes.

Economic measures like the unemployment rate and income inequality also showed little relationship to low-income people’s life spans. There was a much stronger relationship between longevity and obesity and smoking rates, which is unsurprising. Places where poor citizens had long life spans also tended to have a high concentration of college graduates and high local government spending.

Life expectancy for the poor is lowest in a large swath that cuts through the middle of the country, and it appears in pockets in the rest of the country, in places like Nevada. David M. Cutler, a Harvard economist and an author of the paper, calls it the “drug overdose belt,” because the area matches in part a map of where the nation’s opioid epidemic is concentrated.

Once you have household income above $150K then you are pretty close to being able to afford whatever lifestyle and medical care is needed for nearly maximal life based on the current situation in the USA.