Pentagon needs to create an independent orbital military service

In 2016, Newt Gingrich said that the combination of the Air Force’s parochialism and NASA’s bureaucracy, has caused the USA to be at least 25 years behind where we should be in space capability.

American space power stagnated under U.S. Air Force stewardship a long time ago. Congress observed this situation nearly 25 years ago, as the epigraphs above indicate. However, nothing substantive was done to fix the problem.

An article at War is Boring by M.V. “Coyote” Smith recommends the creation of a U.S. Space Corps in the Department of the Air Force as an initial step to set American space power on a path to reach its full potential.

Threats are rising while entrepreneurs are on the verge of a global expansion into space that may dwarf previous eras of economic growth.

Space power simply cannot receive the priority it deserves inside the Air Force. Everything else will be sacrificed for the air power mission. No matter how vital space power becomes to the nation, if it is assigned to the Air Force, or any other service or agency, it will always receive short shrift.

America must throw off the shackles of the current Outer Space Treaty, and create language with like-minded nations in order to promote and secure the normal commercial development of the real estate and resources in space.