Tesla expects 110,000 model 3s in 2017 and over 265,000 in 2018

Elon Musk said the Model 3 Design Studio will go online shortly before the car officially goes on sale, and first deliveries will be “Founders Series” Model 3 that go to company employees.

“I think it’s probably three to four months away” said Musk referring to the Model 3 configurator. As he’s done in the past with the launch of new vehicles, Musk said the reason first deliveries of Model 3 would go to employees is to keep the feedback loop short.

Musk also shared guidance Tesla is giving Model 3 parts suppliers with volume estimates
* 1,000 vehicles per week in July
* 4,000 per week in August and
* 5,000 per week in September,
* 10,000 vehicles per week sometime in 2018.

This would mean around 110,000 Model 3 vehicles produced in 2017 and 265000 to 500000 model 3 vehicles in 2018.

SOURCES- Tesla, Teslarati