China has almost double the CO2 emissions of the USA

China has almost double the CO2 emissions of the United States for the latest figures from 2015.

China 10.357 Billion tons of CO2
USA    5.414 Billion tons of CO2
EU28   3.509 Billion tons of CO2
India  2.274 Billion tons of CO2

China has 4.4 times the population of the USA and 1.9 times emissions. Per capita Chinese citizens are 43% of US per capita energy usage.
This does not factor in that China is building stuff for Europe and USA.
So USA and Europe export 10% or so of emissions over to China to have China build things for usage by Americans and Europeans.
Per capita China is at an net export adjusted 33% of US per capita. About 20-30% swing. China would be down 20% for building stuff for the rest of the world and US would be up 10%.

China is slowing the addition of coal plants but is still building more coal and had increased usage of fossil fuels last year.

The National Geographic feels that China slowing its growth in CO2 emissions would place China in the “lead” on clean power.

China will be building more hydro power, solar power and wind power and nuclear power. But China by 2030 will have about double the power generation of the USA and perhaps triple the emissions.