Real life flying iron man exoskeleton created will cost about $250,000 each and requires intense Captain America like workout regimen for strength to control it

A new company, Gravity has unveiled of its first product, the Daedulus flight suit. The company claims Daedulus should be able to fly at speeds up to several hundreds of miles per hour, although Browning hasn’t been able to find a large enough test flight area to get it going that fast just yet.

Browning has been approached by half a dozen people who wanted to have their own custom suit built, which he estimates could cost $250,000 each.

A lot of physical strength is needed to control the flying exoskeleton.

Even for Browning – a dedicated triathlete, ultra-marathon runner and endurance canoeist – the suit tests the limits of personal fitness. He describes the strength required to direct the jets as “severe”. In order to fly, he must follow a strenuous workout regime; in a typical week’s training he cycles over 150km and does three intensive calisthenics sessions. He also runs 40km every Saturday morning, starting at 2am.

Browning and others developed Daedulus over the course of 2016. He began by strapping small gas turbine engines to his body and gradually learning how to control them strictly with his own mind and muscles.

“We looked at the physics a bit and we thought, yea, this could work,” engineer Jon Reece says in the below mini-documentary produced by Red Bu