Google Glass having workplace success

Google Glass is becoming successful in the workplace

“It’s a big market today, and it will be an even bigger one in the future,” said Brian Ballard, founder and chief executive officer at Upskill, a Google Glass partner that makes augmented reality apps for workers in the field. Its customers — and as of recently, its investors — include industrial giants like Boeing and GE.

Google has several corporate partners for Google Glass at work.

Upskill works with other smart glasses makers as well, like Intel, Microsoft and Vuzix. Ballard declined to comment on how many units it has deployed, but he did say it is targeting companies that will need “thousands of these devices in the field to do one job.”

Augmedix, a San Francisco-based start-up with nearly 1,000 employees, built its business off smart glasses. Unlike Upskill, the vast majority of its customers — doctors at large hospitals — are using Google Glass. CEO Ian Shakil said the company expects to deploy 1,000 Google Glass devices by the end of the year.

Augmedix sells its application to 12 hospitals, including Dignity Health, Sutter Health and TriHealth, to help doctors transcribe notes from patient interactions. Doctors wear the glasses during consultations and transmit video to medical scribes, who take notes. That way, the doctors are freed up to focus on the patients.

Remote scribes saves each doctor 3 hours a day.

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