18 years and an extra $1 trillion over 30 years to build 355 ship navy

The Navy would have to spend $102 billion annually build, operate and maintain a 355-ship fleet over the next 30 years, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office issued on Monday.

This would be more than one-third greater than the amount appropriated for fiscal year 2016 for today’s 275-ship fleet. In total it would be about $3 trillion for a 355 ship US Navy instead of the $2 trillion for a 275 ship US Navy.

It would be 13 percent more than the $90 billion needed to build and operate the current 308-ship buildup plan.

It would take 18 years (about 2035) to build up a 355 ship US Navy.

Source: Congressional Budget Office

If you double shipbuilding budgets compared to historic levels, the 355 ship Navy would not be reached until 2032, at least 12 years after the end of Trump’s current term of office. That’s the estimate offered today by the Congressional Budget Office. At a more sustainable but still expensive pace, CBO calculates, you don’t reach 355 ships until 2047, thirty years from now, when today’s five-year-olds will be old enough to run for president.