General fusion building a larger plasma injector and engineering for a working prototype

General Fusion claims to have succeeded in sustaining plasma fuel with a small, prototype injector just 40 centimeters in diameter, a significant technical hurdle.

They now plan to proceed with building a larger plasma injector and a working prototype of its unique, compression-based reactor under the leadership of Mowry, who has worked with GE Energy and was a founder and CEO of Generation mPower, a firm specializing in small, modular fission reactors. Fred Buckman, formerly of Consumers Power, PacifiCorp and Shaw Group will replace Rick Wills as chairman of the board.

General Fusion’s reactor works by containing hydrogen plasma fuel in magnetic suspension and then compressing it with an array of massive pistons, which pushes the temperature of the fuel to 150 million degrees Celsius.

They will map out the next stage of the engineering and development program over the next three to six months. This will determine the size of the next round of investment.

Newly appointed General Fusion CEO Christofer Mowry stands with a plasma injector inside the technology firm’s Burnaby laboratories.PHOTO BY Dharm Makwana at the Province newspaper