3D NAND will squeeze out Planar NAND

Intel’s new 3D NAND SSDs were specifically designed for cloud data center scenarios, but that those conditions apply to more than cloud service providers.

The DC P4500 line is optimized for reads and is aimed at helping data centers get more value out of servers and store more data. The DC P4600 series accelerates caching and enables more workloads per server. Both use Intel’s TLC 3D NAND combined with a new, Intel-developed controller, new firmware and PCIe/NVMe. Both series will initially come in a half-height half-length add-in card and U.2 2.5-inch form factors in 1, 2 and 4TB capacities.

The SATA to NVMe interface transition is inevitable, as the older interface is becoming a bottleneck, while NVMe higher performance enables systems to get better value from the flash.

Eventually 3D NAND will squeeze out planar NAND.