3D printing of fusing and bomb structure could make bombs times lighter but still as deadly

The Air Force Research Lab are working on a lighter Mother of All bombs which still has similar explosive power.

The Advanced Ordnance Technologies program will make bombs structured to be lighter by using 3D-printed reconstructed loads within the bomb instead of in the casing — plus distributed blast yields, said Dr. John Corley, the core technical competency lead for ordnance sciences at AFRL.

They will also use 3D printing for distributed fusing for more survivable bombs and greater options and control for the explosions.

Separating the fuse from the case could make the bomb more flexible of when it hits and how it hits.

* Selectable explosions with distributed fusing
* Air force wants to use new 3D printing and other technoogy to make a 100 pound munition that has the same output as a 500 pound bomb

3D printed, steel interlaced bearings on a mock-up bomb. From the center to the end of the bomb, the casing thins out to pack more punch in yield versus debris. (Photo: Oriana Pawlyk).