Advanced solar cooker that heats and cooks five times faster than a charcoal cooker

Solsource Cooker has an innovative design which allows you to capture sunlight to grill, pan fry, slow-cook and boil water. Advance self-healing polymer maximizes the effectiveness of the solar reflector and ensures durability.

The Solsource cookware heats up five times faster than traditional charcoal. That means you can get cooking faster. Other solar cookers restrict the way you cook, SolSource solar cooker has a versatile reversible pot stand that accommodates a wide variety of cookware and cooking styles. Whether you want to use your light-weight skillet for panfrying salmon, or a heavy dutch oven for slow-cooking short ribs, you can simply put your favorite cookware on SolSource solar cooker to create your favorite dishes.

The Solsource Cooker is $499.

It reaches 550F/350C
It boils 1 quart of water in 10 minutes
It works with indoor cookware
It purifies water for drinking

The SolSource Sport is only 10 lb (4.5 kg), compared to the hefty 40 lb (18 kg) of the original Solsource cooker. Solsource sport can be moved in your car trunk for easily portable emission-free grilling.

The SolSource Sport has raised US$86,000 in funds on Kickstarter as of May 29,2017. The Kickstarter price is $149 and $229 will provide the sport cooker and a specially-made carry case as well. Solsource plans to start shipping in August 2017.


The solar cooker operates with just direct sun light from our sun. No gas, no charcoal, no biomass – just inexhaustible solar energy.

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