New 195 meter tall wind turbines will be taller than 60 story skyscrapers and will generate 8 to 15 Megawatts

Dong Energy has built over 1000 large offshore wind turbines.

They will be building new taller and bigger wind turbines. They will go to 195 meters tall and 8 Megawatts and larger.

In the United States today, a loose convention draws the lower limit for a skyscraper building at 150 meters. An extremely tall skyscraper, particularly one that is taller than 300 meters (1,000 ft), is sometimes colloquially referred to as a supertall.

Hotels tend to have one floor every 3.1 meters and office buildings one floor every 3.9 meters. A 195 meter hotel would have about 63 floors.

Dong thinks that by the time that German windfarm begins construction, there will be turbines as powerful as 13MW or 15MW.

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