US Navy could stick with Nimitz for next three carriers then cut over to Gerald Ford

Popular Mechanics talks about the difficulty, cost and delays of switching the design of the Gerald Ford Carrier to old and reliable steam launchers.

The Nimitz aircraft carriers are still more advanced than any aircraft carrier from Russia, China or any other country.

Nimitz carriers cost about $8.5 billion versus the $12+ billion of the Gerald Ford carrier.

The last Nimitz was launched in 2006. It was the George H.W. Bush.

If the Gerald Ford designs were not truly ready for another ten years to work out technology and manufacturing issues, then the US Navy could continue to work out the design issues and in the meantime build another three Nimitz carriers.

The US Navy could use the extra $10 billion for several drone carrier ships. Ships that are designed to carry and launch drones.

A justification for the magnetic launch system was to provide flexibility to launch fighter planes and drones. The drones capacity and launching could be on separate ships.

The technological complexity could be reduced by building a different special purpose ship. The costs would be lower and more ships would be produced. The aircraft carrier and drone carrier would still be more advanced than anything from China or Russia.