Waymo partners with Lyft and Judge says Uber cannot use stolen Waymo information

1. Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google’s parent Alphabet and Lyft are teaming up to road test autonomous cars in a potential challenge to Uber Technologies.

In its statement, Lyft said Waymo holds ‘‘today’s best self-driving technology.’’

The two plan to work together to bring autonomous vehicles into the mainstream with pilot projects and product development.

Lyft is Uber’s biggest rival in the United States and the second-largest ride-hailing provider in the country.

2. A federal judge barred Uber from using technology taken by an X-Waymo engineer. This will hurt the Uber’s self-driving car research.

Waymo showed “compelling evidence” that a former x-Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski downloaded thousands of confidential files before leaving the company. Levandowski set up his own firms, which was sold to Uber for $680 million. Levandowski and Uber planned the acquisitions before Levandowski left Waymo.

“He clearly believes that Levandowski is guilty as sin and that Uber hired him, knowing this full well,” said John Coffee, a Columbia University law professor who specializes in white-collar crime and corporate governance.