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Universe Today – We Will Launch on Reusable Rocket After Exceptional SpaceX Performance – Inmarsat CEO Tells Universe Today

“I’m sure we will be using a ‘reused rocket’, Inmarsat CEO Pearce stated. “And we will be launching on a ‘reusable rocket’ in the future.”

We will be looking to support them in any way we can with their new innovation programs.”

All 9 Merlin 1D first stage engines firing beautifully as SpaceX Falcon 9 arcs over down range successfully carrying Inmarsat 5F4 #I5F4 to geostationary transfer orbit at twilight after liftoff from Launch Complex 39A on 15 May 2017 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Credit: Ken Kremer/

Universe Today -Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Hit in Exactly the Wrong Place

Universe Today – We Might Have a New Way to Push Back Space Radiation

Evolving Planet – NASA Tests Carbon Nanotubes for Lighter Payloads and Other Technological Advancements

Nextbigfuture – Berkant Göksel at the Technical University of Berlin and his team now want to fit plasma engines to planes.

“We want to develop a system that can operate above an altitude of 30 kilometers where standard jet engines cannot go,” he says. These could even take passengers to the edge of the atmosphere and beyond.

The challenge was to develop an air-breathing plasma propulsion engine that could be used for take-off as well as high-altitude flying.

Nextbigfuture – Tabby star was in the middle of a dimming event and has dimmed by 1% per day