Graphene loudspeaker membranes coming March 2018 and devices to follow

ORA sound uses the amazing properties of graphene in our proprietary nano-composite formulation to build unique, high performance loudspeaker membranes.

Prototypes already exist and reviewers indicate that they can hear the sound quality improvement.

GrapheneQ provides audiophile sound quality from smaller, more efficient loudspeakers.

Graphene provides significant benefits for loudspeaker performance:

* Instant improvements in sound quality
* Immediate extension of battery life, up to 70%
* More volume from small speakers
* Unrivaled high frequency response for improved localization cues

GrapheneQ reacts more accurately than other materials which allows it to truthfully recreate the original recording without additional artifacts.

They have raised about $250,000 on a $102,000 kickstarter.

The speakers will retail for about USD500 and they are targeting delivery March 2018 and sound devices for smartphones and other devices will follow.

Ora Sound is in negotiations now with an assortment of major smartphone, tablet, smarthome-speaker, hearing-aid, and augmented-reality companies that are considering the possibility of incorporating the graphene-cone speaker into their offerings. For these companies, the advantage of the graphene speaker is not only its high efficiency (linked to graphene’s light weight) but also its very high thermal coefficient, which lets it disperse heat rapidly from the speaker coil within the tight confines of a compact consumer product. Gaskell claims that Ora’s graphene cone weighs only one-third as much as a comparable mylar one, which translates into an increase in battery life of up to 70 percent.