Tesla plans 10-20 gigafactories which would eventually be about 12 to 24 million vehicles per year

Tesla had its annual shareholders meeting on June 6, 2017 and there were many big announcements in it.

* Tesla is making a big push to expand its supercharger network of fast-charging stations—capable of adding enough charge to drive 170 miles in 30 minute—for Tesla owners. The company plans to double the number of superchargers this year to 10,000 by end of 2017, and add at least 50% more the following year. Tesla says it’s adding “amenities” to certain supercharger stations, although did not give specifics.

* Tesla is deploying a new version of its self driving system. Tesla will no longer use the Mobileye sensors and algorithms used in earlier models.

* Musk repeated the goal of driving a fully autonomous vehicle from a parking lot in California to New York City without touching the controls at any point along the way.

* Tesla plans to ramp up overall production to a pace of 500,000 cars per year by 2018 up from about 50,000 last year

* the first Model 3 production vehicle in July 2017

* The Model Y will be delivered by 2019. The Tesla model Y will be an electric compact SUV featuring the company’s “Falcon Wing” doors and an entirely new chassis. They are designing an entirely new car. This will allow them to optimize the vehicle, and design more efficient manufacturing lines. Tesla will build a new factory for the Model Y, while batteries and other components will be supplied by the existing gigafactory in Nevada.

* The Tesla Semi is also under development with input from major freight companies. Musk claimed the firms would buy as many trucks as Tesla could build. The Semi should make its debut this September

* There are no current plans to have an electric plane but Musk if battery energy density were to rise 25% to 500 watts per kilogram then electric planes would become feasible

* Tesla plans to build gigafactories to produce both vehicles and batteries in “three locations” in the coming years
* One gigafactory for the Model Y
* the existing gigafactory is expected to be capable of churning out 35 GWh of cells per year by 2018.
* four or five gigafactories could equal the capacity of all of Ford’s total manufacturing plants, which roll out over 6 million vehicles per year.
* Tesla will build 10 gigafactories, or as many as 20 gigafactories in the future.

* Elon Musk spends 90% of his time between Space X and Tesla. 3-5% on Neuralink, 2% on the Boring Company and 2% on Open AI.