ASML enabling Moore’s law scaling and cost reduction out to 1 to 2 nanometers in mid-2020s

Today ASML is selling billions in Extreme Ultraviolet lithography machines. These machines will help deliver chips at the 5 nanometer to 2 nanometer nodes.

ASML (Veldhoven, the Netherlands) sold eight more EUV (next-generation extreme ultraviolet lithography) systems in the second quarter. This brings its EUV backlog to 27 tools valued at about 2.8 billion euro (about $3.26 billion). The firm also announced that it demonstrated the key productivity metric of 125 wafers per hour (125) on an EUV tool at its headquarters.

Second quarter sales increased to 2.1 billion euro (about $244) million, up 8 percent compared to the year ago quarter. The company said it is on track to grow sales about 25 percent this year. Intel, Samsung and TSMC, are hoping to insert oft-delayed EUV lithography into volume production in the next two years.

ASML has a presentation that describes how they see EUV enabling a scaling push with lowering costs out to 2 nanometers.