Moon Express reveals lowest cost robotic planetary explorers

Moon Express has revealed their family of three lunar robot explorers.

* MX-1 Scout
* MX-2 dual stage Scout
* MX-5 Discovery class

The moon express MX-1scout is the lowest cost planetary spacecraft ever.

It is designed for Scout Class exploration capabilities starting from low Earth orbit, MX-1 delivers flexibility and performance to revolutionize access to the Moon and cis-lunar space.

MX-1 is environmentally green, using eco-friendly fuels, advanced carbon composites and silicates, powered by the Moon Express PECO rocket engine, for an unparalleled capability in space robotics.

Available in orbiter, lander and deep space probe configurations.

~5.8km/s ΔV
250kg fully fueled
30kg payload capability
200W power
28v, 12v, 5v, 3.3v

MX-2 Scout Class Explorer Staged for unparalleled lunar and deep space access.

A spectacularly capable dual stage robotic explorer with enough punch to reach Venus or the moons of Mars from low Earth orbit.

Dual stage flexibility drives more payload to the lunar surface or extends your reach to deep space. Compatible with existing and emergent launch vehicles, the MX-2 delivers exhilarating Scout Class possibilities for exploration and commerce at low cost.

Available in orbiter, lander, deep space and dual-probe configurations.

MX-5 Discovery

The MX-5 is designed as a workhorse that can deliver 150kg to low lunar orbit from low Earth orbit, with a range of configurations to support lunar landing and cis-lunar operations, the MX-5 can also be outfitted with MX-1 or MX-2 staged systems that can bring the entire solar system within reach.

With 5 PECO engines delivering solar system level ΔV, the MX-5 is a categorical improvement on conventional approaches to spacecraft, with embedded cost reduction through common systems and efficient adaptability to a multitude of jobs at a transformer level.

Available in orbiter, lander and deep space probe and sample return configurations.

Cis-lunar workhorse. Multi-purpose platform lander. Solar system adrenaline.

~6.9 – 9.8km/s ΔV
1,300kg fully fueled
150kg payload capability
200W power
28v, 12v, 5v, 3.3v