Tesla Model 3 gets great reviews

Motortrend test drove the new Tesla model 3. Motor Trend’s review says the Tesla model 3 has great handling and great acceleration. A 2.0-liter Alfa Romeo Giulia feels like a wet sponge by comparison.

* infographics reside on a 15.4-inch, landscape-oriented multitouch screen that’s perched on an austere, sweeping, almost Scandinavian-simple
* a Premium (add $5,000), meaning better-grade materials, wood-veneered dash, 12-way front seats, 12-speaker sound, heated rear seats, side-by-side inductive phone chargers, and that panoramic glass ceiling that nevertheless protects like SPF 90 sunscreen.
* One of the assignable functions of the twin thumb scrolls on the wheel spokes is tilting and telescoping the steering column.
* Tesla worked hard to increase interior space, and subjectively it succeeded. For a compact car, the Model 3 feels incredibly light and airy.
* the trunk is 15 cubic feet, with a very low lift-over and 60/40 folding rear seats. You can put a surfboard or bike into it.
* Tesla has a claim of 0-60 in 5.1 seconds seems right when paired with this car’s $9,000 long-range battery. * here is a choice of two batteries. Tesla’s trying to change the vocabulary we’re using to describe it, from “kilowatt-hours” to “range.” Franz says the standard one (while still doing 0-60 in 5.6 seconds) will travel 220 miles, but his provides 310 miles of range.
* the Tesla Model 3 is available with Enhanced Autopilot ($5,000) and for another $3,000 what’s called “Full Self-Driving Capability” in the future. A lot of money, sure—but how many $35,000 cars offer that? Or for that matter, standard over-the-air updatability?