Three 1000 MWe nuclear reactors are nearing completion in China

Three new nuclear power reactors in China have passed significant pre-operational tests and inspections.
* Sanmen 1 passed a comprehensive safety check ahead of fuel loading
* a containment integrity test was completed at Haiyang 2.
* cold function tests were completed at Yangjiang 5.

Four AP1000 units are under construction in China – two each at Sanmen and Haiyang – and are all scheduled to start commercial operation in 2018. Sanmen will be the first.

Tests on the containment vessel at another AP1000 unit under construction in China – unit 2 of the Haiyang plant in Shandong province – have also been completed.

First concrete for Yangjiang unit 5 – the first ACPR1000 reactor to be built – was poured in September 2013. It is scheduled to begin operating in 2018. Unit 5 marks the first application of a digital control system designed in China.

Six units are planned for the Yangjiang site. The first four units are CPR-1000s, with units 5 and 6 being ACPR-1000s. Unit 1 entered commercial operation in March 2015, with units 2, 3 and 4 following in June 2015, January 2016 and March 2017, respectively. All six reactors at Yangjiang should be in operation by 2019.