Alliance Rubber funds research for graphene infused rubber bands

Arkansas Business reports Alliance Rubber of Hot Springs recently signed an agreement with University of Sussex professor Alan Dalton to study how the compound graphene could be used in rubber products.

Alliance Rubber intends to help determine exactly how this super-material could be used in its products, so the company has teamed up with researchers at the University of Sussex. The partnership will explore potential uses for graphene-infused rubber bands for many other characteristics.

* Graphene-rubber bands could act as bar codes for produce in grocery stores
* Heat-sensitive bands which change color depending on the temperature.
* Protective bands could be applied to RFID-embedded credit cards to protect them from hackers attempting to scrape information remotely.

Nanocomp technologies applies carbon nanotube tapes and threads for applications related to electrical properties, thermal properties, durability, structural properties and as additives. Graphene infused rubber would likely have a similar or even wider range of applications.