Artificial Intelligence Eats the World #gusummit2017

Singularity University Global Summit 2017 has an AI panel with Peter Diamandis, Jeremy Howard (founding research and Vivienne Ming (co-founder manager partner Socos).

Vivienne Mings rates AI as a top tool for solving world problems.
Jeremy notes that great positive and great negative situations can both exist at the same time in the world.

Vivenne Ming wants to make better people (happier people) through education. is dedicated to making the power of deep learning accessible to all. We are convinced that deep learning will be a transformative technology that will dramatically improve medicine, education, agriculture, transport and many other fields, with the greatest impact in the developing world. But for this to happen, the technology needs to be much easier to use, more reliable, and more intuitive than it is today. We are working on hybrid “man and machine” solutions that harness the strengths of both humans and computers; building a library of ready-to-use applications and models; developing a complete educational framework; and writing fast and easy to use software for both developers and end users. has a 7 week course, Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1, taught by Jeremy Howard (Kaggle’s #1 competitor 2 years running, and founder of Enlitic). Learn how to build state of the art models without needing graduate-level math—but also without dumbing anything down. Oh and one other thing… it’s totally free.

Jeremy is working to increase the productivity of doctors to make up for the shortage of doctors.

Kai Fu Lee (x-Google, Baidu AI expert) is making a $5 chip set to add machine learning to any device or system.

Jeremy Howard talks about his effort for blockchain healthcare record for enabling medical communities. Letting patients with the same medical issues and conditions to share and help each other.

Here is a Harvard Business Review of blockchain to transform electronic health records.

Dave Gershgorn — Quartz
Jack Clark at
Tom Simonite at Wired

Bridge to adundance – concern about the near term problem about the rate of job loss from artificial intelligence.

Hire and promote people on their basis to understand and leverage data. You should not outsource this effort as you will lose your value and your company will be disintermediated.

You and your company are an experts in some problems. You need to uplevel your people to solve these problems more efficiently. Do not be afraid of learning and understanding how to use AI.

They are not so interested in quantum computers enhancing AI. They think the speed up in model training from months to hours or less are more impactful.

Diamandis discussed Rigetti Computing working on a true Universal Quantum computer which Rigetti believes will impact AI.