Carnival of Space 524

The Carnival of Space 524 is up at Urban Astronomer.

Universe Today – Mars Express Captures Mars’ Moving Bow Shock

For many decades, astronomers have been aware that bow shocks form upstream of a planet, where interaction between solar wind and the planet causes energetic particles to slow down and gradually be diverted. Where the solar wind meets the planet’s magnetosphere or atmosphere, a sharp boundary line is formed, which them extends around the planet in a widening arc.

This is where the term bow shock comes from, owing to its distinctive shape. In the case of Mars, which does not have a global magnetic field and a rather thin atmosphere to boot (less than 1% of Earth’s atmospheric pressure at sea level), it is the electrically-charged region of the upper atmosphere (the ionosphere) that is responsible for creating the bow shock around the planet.

Artist’s impression of the moving Martian bow shock. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab

Illustration showing how Mars and Earth interact with solar wind. Credit: NASA

Universe Today – Elon Musk Reveals New SpaceX Spacesuit

Nextbigfuture –
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