Future State: The End of Killing #gsummit

Patrick (Rick) Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Axon Enterprise, a company he originally founded as TASER International in a Tucson garage in 1993 with the mission to make bullets obsolete. Rick graduated from Harvard in three years with a degree in Biology in 1991. He then studied at the University of Chicago, and Leuven University in Belgium, earning both an MBA in Finance and a Masters of International Finance. While living in Europe, two of Rick’s high school friends were shot and killed in a “road rage” incident back in Arizona. Dismayed to learn that more than 37,000 people died of bullet wounds in the U.S. in 1991, Rick set out to develop alternative technologies that would allow people to protect themselves, but without killing.

Electricity has 10X safety margin

In RCMP testing, Pepper did not stop an angry individual. They are in pain but able to continue to attack. Tasers can incapacitate and can prevent them from pulling a trigger on a gun.