State of the Manufacturing #gsummit

Michelle Drew Rodriguez, Manufacturing Leader for the Center for Industry Insights, Deloitte

Michelle Drew Rodriguez is the Manufacturing Leader for Deloitte’s Center for Industry insights and leads Deloitte’s Manufacturing Competitiveness research initiative. She is an accomplished professional with nearly two decades of strategic and operational experience, having worked directly in the automotive industry as an engineer and now serving as an advisor to global manufacturing executives. Michelle and her team have worked on a number of efforts exploring the future trends impacting the manufacturing industry, including talent, technology, and innovation trends. She has authored multiple research studies on the topic of manufacturing competitiveness which explore strategies for driving growth and high value job creation through manufacturing industry sectors. Additionally, she facilitates constructive dialogue and collaboration between business leaders and public policy-makers regarding manufacturing competitiveness, the role of government, and the path to prosperity for countries as well as companies, and has presented insights on Capitol Hill as well as industry conferences, client forums and media outlets worldwide.

Manufacturing industry is doing well.

Global Manufacturing competitiveness was analyzed by Deloitte

By 2030, China’s share of younger population, i.e. those in the age group of 15-39 years, will likely drop to 28 percent of the population from 38 percent in 2013.