Steps for speeding up your Wifi

Popular Science has some advice for speeding up your Wifi.

1. Download firmware from your router manufacturer’s website. Software updates fix bugs and may also include performance upgrades, as well as extra support for newer devices on the market.

2. Most routers use channel 6 by default. Change this to 1 or 11 (to minimize interference with channel 6), and you might notice an uptick in Wi-Fi performance. All of your connected devices will also have to adjust their channels, but the majority of your gear will do this automatically, with no need to adjust the Wi-Fi name or password. You might have to play around with some trial and error before you arrive at the best channel, but stick to 1, 6, or 11 for the best chance of getting the fastest speeds.

3. If your router supports dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5Ghz), you’ will see two different Wi-Fi networks you can connect to. Divide your devices across both networks, depending on the speed and range each piece of hardware needs from your Wi-Fi. Connect closer devices to the 5GHz band. It is faster for shorter ranges.

4. Avoid or re-arrange certain objects. Bulky objects and fish tanks can interfere with wifi. Anything that emits a wireless signal can interfere with the Wi-Fi your router broadcasts. That includes wireless baby monitors, wireless landline phones, microwaves, Bluetooth keyboards and mice, and even string lights.