WOW Air has one way airfares from the US to Europe starting at $99

WOW air is a low-fare, long-haul airline based in Iceland. The airline was founded in November 2011 and serves 37 destinations across Europe, North America, and Asia. WOW air is committed to providing the cheapest flights to and from Iceland and across the Atlantic. WOW Air first began flying to the U.S. just in 2015, when it launched service from Baltimore/Washington (BWI) and Boston. While its earliest U.S. destinations were focused on the East and West coasts, WOW’s four newest cities continue its recent expansion in the interior of the country. Most recently, the airline begin flying from both Chicago O’Hare and Pittsburgh earlier this year.

Icelandic budget carrier WOW Air has fares that begin at less than $100 one-way – it’s betting those Midwest markets will be profitable additions to its fast-growing U.S. network.

WOW Air announced service from the four cities on Wednesday, an expansion that will give it a total of 12 U.S. destinations.

WOW’s new routes will launch this spring, with tickets going on sale Wednesday. One-way fares to Iceland will start at $99.99 from all four cities. Connecting flights to WOW’s other European destinations begin at $149.99.

st. It is estimated that WOW air’s annual passenger capacity will grow from approximately 1.6 million in 2016 to over 3 million in 2017.

WOW air operates three Airbus A320 aircraft, eleven Airbus A321 and three Airbus A330. The A320 is the choice of many of the world’s leading airlines and a perfect fit for our short haul flights between Europe and Iceland. For WOW air’s flights to North America, the airline operates the Airbus A321, the largest member of the Airbus A320 Family. WOW air’s California routes are serviced by three Airbus A330 aircraft, the first wide-body jets in the WOW air fleet.