Drone startup Flytrex

Flytrex is 13 person Israeli startup that has implemented a food delivery drone service in Iceland. Flytrex will setup drone services for client companies.

They use commercial drones $2000-8000.

These drones currently fly at 65 kph (40 miles per hour).
They have 10 km, 6 mile delivery range.
Drones can carry 3.5 kilograms.
Total drone weight is 15 kilograms.
They typically fly at 60 to 70 meters. Flytrex have another pilot project in a location with skyscrapers.
They do not fly above the height of the tallest skyscraper and stay a mile or more away from airports depending upon regulations.
They use certified drone pilots.

Iceland and North European countries and Latin America are establishing more permissive commercial drone regulations.

They have a ridesharing like model where the charge is 0.8 per mile for package delivery but it likely have to be modified for AED emergency response.