North Korea bomb power estimate increased to 250 kilotons and fires another ICBM over Japan

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization at first estimated the earthquake from last weeks North Korea’s bomb test at 5.8 magnitude, but later revised to 6.1. The higher estimate would indicate North Korea exploded a 250 kilotons of bomb instead of a 100-120 kiloton bomb.

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed an eighth set of sanctions on the North Monday, banning it from trading in textiles and restricting its oil imports, which US President Donald Trump said was a prelude to stronger measures.

The resolution, passed after Washington toned down its original proposals to secure backing from China and Russia, came just one month after the council banned exports of coal, lead and seafood in response to the ICBM launch.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile Friday morning (Asia time- Thursday in North America) that flew over Japanese airspace before crashing into the Pacific Ocean, South Korean and Japanese officials said.

The ballistic missile was launched at 6:57 a.m. Friday Seoul time (5:57 p.m. Thursday ET) from the Sunan area of Pyongyang in an eastern direction nearly around 2,300 miles, and passed over Japanese airspace, a South Korean military official said.

The missile launch comes weeks after North Korea in late August fired a missile that traveled over Japanese air space.