Russia will have new armored personnel carriers in the 2020s

Russia has new 25-ton Armata based platform for new armored personnel carriers. They are known as Kurganets and be replacing BMP and BMD and MT-LB and other types of tracked armored platforms currently in service, providing a more maneuverable and better-protected platform.

Kurganmashzavod is expecting to launch serial production of the new family in 2021, following the conclusion of operational field tests. The revised schedule reflects a more realistic forecast, compared to previous announcements made when the Kurganets 25 was publicly unveiled in 2015, for the new family to enter production within 2016.

Three variants are being evaluated,
* an AIFV armed with 2A42 30mm cannon, four Kornet EM missiles, and active protection systems, that carries 6-7 troops.
* an infantry carrier carrying 8-9 troops, armed with a smaller turret mounting a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun.
* An Anti-tank variant armed with 125mm cannon and anti-aircraft/anti-drone vehicle, mounting a 57mm automatic cannon