Upgrades and improved weapons for the F22 and F35 stealth fighters

The F-22 Raptor stealth figheter has been involved in combat missions since 2014, the Air Force is planning to equip the fifth-generation aircraft with new missiles, upgraded sensors and perform key maintenance on its special stealth coating. By 2019, the Air Force and Lockheed Martin hope to upgrade the F-22 to carry advanced AIM-120D and AIM-9X Air-to-Air missiles as well as enhanced air-to-surface target location capabilities.

The Raptor is better at air-to-air missions than the F-35 which has superior air-to-ground capability.

The F-35 program prepares to ramp-up production with more than 900 aircraft expected for delivery over the next five years.

The Pentagon could choose not to update its current inventory of 108 F35 planes as a cost saving measure. Most of those F35 planes would never be combat ready and would be only used for training.